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Bear Hunting in Maryland


I've been putting in for a bear tag for about 5 years and figured I should start figuring out where I'd hunt if I were to draw one. Does anyone have suggestions on approaches to take since we can't hunt over bait or with dogs?

- Dave

charlie chocks:

I live and hunt in "bear country," eastern Allegany County. Since the bear hunt started I've been able to hunt four or five years either on my tag, my wife's tag or other hunter's tags (if I recall correctly). Most people think MD bear hunt = Garrett County and while that is pretty true, Harry Spiker, DNR's bear biologist dude, calls western Allegany County around Dan's Mountain Maryland's "bear incubator." So don't lock yourself in to the "Garrett County only" mindset.

I've hunted in both counties on public and private. I take the rifle as the tag's are so coveted, I want to KNOW I will probably hit what I'm shooting at! No matter where you hunt, the biggest thing is: you HAVE TO SCOUT. Yea you can dumb luck in to a bear, especially in areas with a decent concentration of bear. But overall, you'll need to put down some boot leather.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the input. I'm looking into doing a combo scout/hunt this fall and hopefully a weekend trip in August.

Stop putting in to a MD tag and go to NJ for there archery hunt .  We have taken 6 bear in 4 years there and you can bait. 


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