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Hog Hunting Regulations

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I would say so Jon.  But the man with badge would have to call that.

South MS Bowhunter:
My issue is the State publishes that we have a hog problem and they should be shot on sight.

But then tie the hands of hunters (mainly bow hunters) through regulations that prevent their elimination.

The main reason given if you ask a Wildlife Officer, and I’m not bashing as I have the upmost regard for the law and those who enforce them

South MS Bowhunter:
I for one would pay a small fee to hunt a little longer.  And I don’t believe that a change of this nature would cause excessive pressure in a lot more people in the woods after hogs.

I believe it would be only a few dye in the wool hunters as ourselves.

Most hunters today as we know are limited on time and hunt only a few days a year if that.

They want quick results and something on the ground to justify the hunt. Once that’s satisfied their home back in the easy chair drinking their ☕️.

SBowhunter...those are excellent points. I hopefully will have some GOOD news in a couple weeks.   :)

South MS Bowhunter:
Any new status?


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