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Public Land Stumping question

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Okay, questionable end to what would have been a great afternoon. Took the two boys out stump shooting this afternoon at patapsco state park, one of the areas that is open for deer with a managed Hunt tag during season, and closer the rest of the year.
8yr old had a blast, 16yr old had an awesome time for his first time shooting a bow, and stumping has him addicted. He did awesome.....
Got back to the truck and had a note :
"just a friendly note.
Carrying a bow during closed season could be considered poaching.
Target shooting on Public Land is Illegal!"

What's deal Maryland? I am seriously lost on this one... I am an active duty army guy, I guess my understanding of public land is different where income from.
Can someone help me out here... What's the rules where do you stump shoot?
Greatly appreciate the insight  from any that can provide it

Mike Mongelli:
You need to find some public areas that are unrestricted so you can "hunt groundhogs"   :archer:

Those groundhogs really like to sit behind rotten stumps....seems I'm always hitting them when out groundhog hunting.

Who was the note from??   I'd check with the authorities to get the proper info.  You may just have to have a hunting license in your pocket or ??   I checked in Oklahoma and that's what I was there was no season on hogs so you could always be "hunting".  I would just go talk to the guys that can give you the real answers.

Actually, MD can be somewhat restrictive about hunting laws if I read the refs correctly.  If there is no open season when you are carrying a weapon on public lands and don't have the appropriate hunting license it can be considered poaching.

There is no way for the DNR to verify that a person isn't really trying to kill a deer while stump shooting.

My advice is look for public lands that have a liberal squirrel season and get your hunting licenses.

Shooting squirrels as a bonus while stumping will give some great pressure shooting opportunities and maybe even give you a good meal. They are delicious Lohengrin prepared correctly.  

MD does have a lot of multiuse public lands hope this helps.



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