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Sika Deer hunt


Would anyone with experience hunting Sika deer be willing to give me some advise in planning a "diy" hunt for 2015-16.

Thanks for any information you can share. I realize that they are elusive little buggers, and I probably won't harvest or see one on my first hunt.

Good Hunting!

Had a friend drag me through the swamps, excuse me....I mean "wetlands" of Dorchester County last year while on a hunt for those little buggers.   Wearing hip waders, carrying treestand, backpack, and bow while sloshing through stuff almost over the top of the waders in some areas makes for a tough hunt.  FYI...A Thermacell mosquito unit may not be "traditional," but I would definitely start making it part of MY tradition when hunting the Eastern Shore!


 I live in Dorchester county but don't Sika hunt too much as I used to in the 80's early 90's .There is two guys here I know that are up on where to go and one is Steve Kendrot and the other is John Dieterick or "Yohan".. Don't let him know if I spelt his last name wrong. Knowing John he is already in his tree stand this time of year playing tennis with the skeeters.Take a few extra units of blood when you go cause they can eat you up all the way up to Christmas if the temps are up. lol..   :goldtooth:

I am in Dorchester co. now . Not hunting due to health , but fishing . A lot easier to take care of fish than meat after I get them .


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