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Tim Finley:
I also shot one at the end of august I hunted two different ranches the one that had Zebra we hunted 3 days when I killed mine vey exciting and it was on the top of my list I also got a warthog two gemsbok and a big Kudu bull .

Congrats.  Sounds like you had a great hunt.  I nearly passed on Zebra as I hadn't planned on shooting one, but when they came into shooting range, I quickly changed my mind and glad I did.  I have had many people question me about shooting Zebra ( they are like a horse, how can you shoot them).  Well they are not like a horse and my outfitter told me most bowhunters never get a chance at them. 
I write for an archery magazine and had my bow tell the story about hunting in Africa.  While in the blind, I raised my bow and it got it's first look at a Zebra.  It began laughing, (what the heck it this, someone painted a horse black and white).  I hope to get back to Namibia before long and make more memories.

After I returned from Africa, my outfitter sent my a study that was done in Africa, as to why Zebra's have stripes.  It was very interesting.  Bottom line - the stripes confuse the flies and biting insects.  They can't determine the distance to the animal.  They stood an Zebra and horse close together and the horse was covered by flies, etc. but the Zebra had none on it.


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