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Any Bowyers in North Idaho?


Hey guys, I recently became interested in traditional archery (have been shooting a compound for 15 years) and was hoping there was a bowyer near me.  I have built a few bows, and would love to learn more about it from someone with experience! I live in Sandpoint

Welcome trapper. I'm in spirit lake, been into trad for 30+ yrs.
 I've built some self bows and I've always wanted to get into laminate bows.
 Don't really know of bowyer's up here but I've only live here 2 yrs.
 There is a traditional shoot in sagle the weekend of August 19-20.  I plan on going,
 It's hosted by xtreme north Idaho archers.  Hoping to join and get some info on bowyer's, supplies etc.
 You should come.

Man I wish i could!  I will be in the mountains scouting elk that weekend  :(    Interesting there doesn't seem to be a lot of people in the area building bows, let me know how the shoot turns out!   Thanks Kev!  



Jesse Minish:
There are a few within a 2-3 hours drive. Toelke Bows, Moose Jaw, Silver Tip, Habu Bows, Brackenbury Bows and I am sure I missed some.


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