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Wow, this page is dead. I wish we had more trad shoots in Idaho.

I agree. Seems to be a lot more traditionalists and shoots back east where I came from.

Idaho Traditional Bowhunters is having a shoot the end of July in New Meadows, ID.  Flyer and registration links:


   Registration Form

Fellas, the ITB secretary emails notices of shoots in the region. Kevsuperg I remember seeing a few up your way but deleted them because they are too far for me right now. Shawn, mostly down here in the Southern part of the state, I see shoots that are trad and modern.  ITB has most of their shoots based around Boise because most of the members are from there.  I would like to see more of us outside of Boise get something going and the members from there will travel.  The club has a trailer full of 3D targets. It would be advantageous if you guys joined our state traditional association.  The dues are very inexpensive.     ITB web site

Thanks Ray, I've been looking into ITB.
 Just seems like everything happens near Boise.
 It is the state organization though so I should join.
 Glad to see your in BHA.


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