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A day of uh... rabbit hunting .

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Was wondering if anyone would consider a day of rabbit hunting ?     :rolleyes:    
Was thinking some game area centrally located to those interested .
Figured when the weather warms up and before mushroom hunting .
So what do you think ?
We will keep it fun shooting only and eats somewhere .
Anyone interested ?
Let's see if this could happen .
Graps .      :archer:

Anointed Archer:
Hey Graps there are a handful of us from the Greenville, Belding, Rockford area that would love to go stumping! Just keep us posted of when and where!

I'll kick it off .
I was thinking the last Saturday in March .
That would be March 25th .
Hopefully desent weather and ahead of the blackflies .
And before turky hunting .
Yankee Springs ? There's an area that could park several vehicles .
Rougue River has a nice parking area near some wonderful pines .
Edmore has a spot but not as big .
Fort Custer is nice but lots of bicycle trafic on the trails .
Anyone else have any suggestions ?
Different date ?

T Folts:
I would be interested.

Sounds great!!


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