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Grayling Bow Camp 2016

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Anointed Archer:
A few of us took a day trip yesterday to the Mason Tract to do a little scouting. It was a beautiful day and deer sign everywhere. The deer herd looks healthy and plentiful. Fresh deer track's where everywhere we scouted, we jumped deer while walking and seen deer while driving the areas. The acorn crop is to the hunters advantage as it is spotty but when you find a tree dropping acorn's you also find deer sign. We did find one scrape and it was fresh! Things definitely looking promising!

T Folts:
Looking forward to heading up there after work on the 12th.

Anointed Archer:
OK it's time and we are out of here

OK guys camp is over, did anyone connect? Lets hear about your "Fred Bear Adventure".

Anointed Archer:
Hey Michael deer camp was successful in every way except for harvesting deer  :rolleyes:  . Although two hunters did hit deer but the shots where not fatal. We had two guys miss a couple bucks, one guy passed up on a shot hoping to get a bigger one. Most all of us seen deer, except for Denny but he never See's deer so he doesn't count


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