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Grayling Bow Camp 2016

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Anointed Archer:
When - October 8th - 15th

Where - Canoe Harbor State Camp Grounds

Again this year we will be camping at Canoe Harbor State forest campgrounds located right on the beautiful Ausable River.
Like always you’re welcome to stay the whole week or just a day or two if that is all time allows you.  The majority of the people will come up for and extended weekend or some come up for both weekends whatever fits in your schedule. This is a family oriented camp so we encourage the wives and young hunters to come and experience camp life.

Anointed Archer:
Our season is getting closer, although these 90 degree temps don't make it seem close at all!  However it is time to put in for your doe tags, if you are interested in getting a permit for the area camp is in its Unit 020.

Scouting report as of the end of July looks very promising! Deer tracks everywhere, especially in a couple of my favorite spots   ;)  . I hope to get back up there at least one more time before camp!

Until then shoot well and often!

Anointed Archer:
We just got back from a two day scouting trip to the Mason Track and deer sign is looking good! We found one area where acorn's where already on the ground. We seen deer in a couple of our go to spots and tracks everywhere. We definitely liked what we seen! The wait is on    :)    



T Folts:
We are talking about a family trip this year there.

Anointed Archer:
Would love to share camp with you


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