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Longhammock shoot- New Location Directions

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Updated for 2023..The LongHammock shoot is at Marks (Big Un) beautiful property just west of Bushnell. Directions from I-75 and Hwy 48 at Bushnell exit. Go west on Hwy 48 7.5 miles, turn south onto 575 ( The Wood Shed bar is on the SE corner of intersection) , Go 1.3 miles south on 575, look for white PVC Archer at dirt drive way on the right.UPDATE the white PVC Archer may not be there..If you see a sign that says "Spring Run" then you have gone a little to far.   

Working on a new bow rack,  for the new location.     :campfire:
Hope to see everyone at the next shoot.

Gnome, :thumbsup:, The new range is nice but definitely needs a bow rack.   If I'm not "on call" the day of the next shoot..I can haul the bow rack in my truck if needed. If I'm on call.. then I have to stay near the house.. I have been busy this week with that project you and I were working on last week end.

Thanks for the offer.  I think I can make it break down into sections that will fit in my truck.    :dunno:

I made a stump target also.
Everyone bring a flu-flu or three.

hum... lets try this again....

Squirrel and Bunny targets.


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