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Dave Stein:
If you know of an archery range or club in the Commonwealth of Virginia please post here. This way everyone can find out where the ranges and clubs are and hopefully we can increase their membership so they can remain in business for us all to enjoy.


Dave Stein:
Here is the link to the one traditional club that I know of in Northern Virginia. I believe there is one in the Richmond area but I don't know the name. If anyone can help out and post the name and website that would be great. Hopefully we can help increase their membership and keep them going.

Dave Stein:
(This was originally posted by "String Cutter" on another post)

Don't know of any all Trad. Bow Clubs down here.( Powhatan 1/2 hour SW of Richmond) But  has a shoot once a month on Sats. for Trad guys. and Sundays for Compounders. They are located near Petersburg, about an hour south of Richmond... Also think they Have a 3 day get together ( rondavo? sp) I think in June.... Real nice guys.
I'll be moving down there in a 5-6 weeks and plan to join if'n they'll have me.

Dave Stein:
Northern Virginia Archers (NORVA) located in southern Fairfax County.

Dave Stein:
IWLA-Cub Run Archers located in Centreville, Virginia (Fairfax County).


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