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Just bought Monty Browning's book!

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Rich LaBombard:
Quick background:  I have been tuning my bow, switching to carbons, and waiting for winter to back off.  In other words, I have been in an "archery mood".

Always heard good things about Monty, and his book, seemed like a good way to treat myself.

Ordering from his website was quick an easy, and I did ask him to sign it, with an inscription.

About a week later, it showed up.  Just lifting the envelope out of the mailbox, I was impressed with how solid the book is, and I have not even opened it yet!

Let me tell you:  This book is gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.  I have been looking at the beautiful photos and skimming the stories all day.  I cannot begin to think of the effort it took to put this together in such a total classy package.

This is one of those books that really stands out, to be enjoyed for a long time to come. 

And Monty's Christian faith shines through, with appropriate and well placed bible verses.

If you have ever thought of purchasing his book, don't be like me and put it off:  Get it, and enjoy it!  I'm already thinking of a couple of guys that will be getting a copy for Christmas. 

I expected it to be good, but being blown away like this, is even better!

Thanks for listening,

Yes, very good reading and if you have a chance to hear him in person his story telling is impressive and inspiring to say the least.

Monty’s book is fantastic! The stories and pics make feel like your hunting with him on each hunt.


I got one of the first 100 when they came out. Awesome book. I’ve met Monty and heard him speak several times. One of the best speakers ever.

One of my favorite books and the pictures are something else!


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