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Bearpaw self nock jig


Rob DiStefano:
This new self nock jig appears to be an updated version of the original "Nifty Nocker", and instead of using different shaft  diameter collets, the Bearpaw jig uses a single collet chuck that will accept 5/16" to 23/64" shaft diameters. 

Easy to use, just chuck in the shaft, line up the end grain of the shaft with the long insert slot, tighten the collet, use a .10" round carbide hacksaw blade and cut the insert slot.  Glue in the insert of yer choice (I used 1/8" aircraft plywood), trim off the insert, put back into the jig, line up the slot just cut once again with the long slot of the jig, cut the string slot.  Sand the string slot and round off the shaft end to taste.  I wicked in water thin quality CA glue to the insert and string slot, to toughen it up.  Seal the shaft with the finish of yer choice, I used resin based polyU.  Cut to length, install a point, fletch up - I used a Young burner to cut the feather shape.  Go shoot, go kill something for suppers!   :campfire:


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