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Toelke Chinook initial thoughts

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Super post. Good looking bow. I pull 26 also.

Rich K.

Alright. It has been just over a year since I received my chinook and have been shooting it exclusively since. The main things to take away for me are this. This bow is quite simply the quickest bow I have and is super pleasant to shoot. Let’s go through some stuff.

As previously stated the process was super smooth and Dan and Jared were so knowledgeable about there craft and the process has taught me that long wait times don’t necessarily dictate quality. The bow was promised in 5 weeks from initial call and arrived 4.5 weeks and was perfectly packed. Bow was packed in a sleeve and came with 2 strings and a very good stringer.

This bow was hunted approximately 12 hunts in the last season and the finish doesn’t show a scratch in it, despite hunting some really thick brush. Very impressed how the finish has held up.

The endless loops strings that toelke makes are so nice and hold up to thousands of shots. I just transferred to the second string and now use the first as my backup. Very impressed with the durability of the string.

Handle shape:
I went with the classic grip and absolutely love the feel in hand. It is surprisingly bulbous and the online pics don’t quite do it justice.  The original beaver grip is still in perfect condition and shows no sign of needing to be replaced.

Full working limbs are smooth and the bow does not have the typical recurve twang and has no stack. It is super quiet and unbelievably quick.

Limb tips:
Limb tips are small, round, and super well done. Absolutely pleasing to the eye.

I gave Dan a rough idea of what I wanted and he made some recommendations in terms of the riser and I have to say despite how small it looks the density of the linen mycarta riser is impressive and certainly lends itself to the stability of the bow. The curly maple used for the limbs is incredible.

I ordered 50 lbs as 26” and they nailed it on the spot. Dan guarantees with 1/2 lb of asking weight and that shows his skill.

I originally wanted a super d and Dan told me the chinook or pika would be better for my draw and I haven’t doubted him one bit. Happy I took his advice.

While Dan and Jared will build you what you want their input is invaluable and I definitely suggest listening.

Original strike plate and rest have had over 10K shots on them and still have years or use left.

This is the most impressive shooting bow that I’ve ever laid my hands on. Having gone to RMS I have shot so many high end bows and have never found it’s equal. Toelke can satisfy the disease of needing new bows and can get you what you want quickly. I cannot recommend this bow enough.

If you are on the fence I’d pull the trigger.


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