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Youth bow giveaway, October 16

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Mike Mecredy:
Hello all, it's been a while since a youth bow program giveaway has been posted, so here it is,  On October 16 we will draw 2 (yes TWO) names to get a maddog pup longbow, and arrows made and donated by BudB.  All we ask is you share some pictures of the kids who won with their gear, preferably using it, and that when the bow is out grown you pass it along to somebody else, hand it down to a younger sibling or neighbor, etc.   So get signed up. 

yes please.  I'm in.

Bob T.:
  :clapper: :clapper:  Thanks again for doing this for the young ones. Please enter my 9 yr old Granddaughter Lilly.

yes please enter my son
Ari Mowrey ( 7 )
and my daughter
Sloane Mowrey ( 5 )

Im in please! Got 3 little ones that would love a nice bow. Thanks for opportunity.


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