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Miss Traditional Bowhunters Kick Off Shoot /Hunt???????


joebuck:'s been awhile but I think this may have some traction  We have available a WMA to hunt plus a 3D coarse ( small fee $5!). This "Could" take place this winter or early next year depending on interest. Place would Charles Ray Nix WMA, Sardis MS for hunting and 3 D shoot is next door at the newly opened McIver Shooting Facility. Camping would be 12 miles away at the lower lake at Sardis. Charles Nix is Bow Only in January.  Camping is top notch with hook ups etc.   We would have it all, place to hunt/ shoot and camp. Note here.......if we have the shoot during big game season...we can also hunt hogs on Sardis Upper WMA and I can put you on th 'X" for has an exploded with hogs...

Any Thoughts!!!

matt steed:
Joey, it sounds like a good set up. I would defiantly be interested. It would be a fun hunt.
We currently have about 10 PBS members in Mississippi. We could also make an announcement with them.


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