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Rob DiStefano:
All approved members under the age of 18 are considered "Cadet Members". Kids 13 and under require parental/guardian approval in order to become members. Cadet Members can not participate in any classifieds forum or auction.

Cadet Members may participate in any member "give-away" that does NOT include weaponry, i.e. - bows, arrows, broadheads, points, knives, etc.

Mike Vines:
That's a great change.  They deserve to enjoy some of the fun, and that is an awesome way for them to do it.  Thank you.

sorry but i disagree, 16 you get your driving license. i think you should be able to win these amazing prizes too. truthfully i want a new bow or set of arrows or something to do with archery than my license. i crave it.


although I would want for you to win a new bow or knife, I hope you would understand the websites position.  There are way to many liabilities of sending "weaponry" to youth.  I would want you to win a new bow as much as the next guy, so If you want, next time a bow give away comes around, I will put my name in a hat for you. If drawn I will Happily send it your way, no harm no foul to trad gang.   ;)    :thumbsup:    

It's great to have you as a member.



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