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Does anyone know if there will be a Great Ohio Rabbit Hunt in 2015?

J.F. Miller:
there will not. it's over for good.

Thanks for getting back to me. I hate to see it end......I will have weekends off in February. Is anyone interested in getting together and doing a rabbit hunt,shoot at a couple of targets for bragging rights, and continue the tradition. Send me a note and we'll keep in touch.

Good Hunting & God Bless!

Not doubting you, but when was it decided it would be no more? Always had a great time at them and will miss seeing everyone.

J.F. Miller:
sorry Denny, I don't get on here very often.

we pulled the plug very shortly after the last GORH. nobody to organize it, no where to have it, attendees more interested in a free meal than hunting rabbits, people not abiding by the rules. Greg, Jim and I didn't make any bigger deal about these things than was necessary at the time, but it was very disappointing.

I was involved with the first one, the last one and every one in between in some capacity beyond just being there to participate. this event has been circling the drain for a good while, but the ridiculous horse crap I witnessed at the final GORH was more than I (and everyone else involved in orchestrating the event) could fathom. clearly, GORH has run its course. a handful of us get together for an annual rabbit hunt, but that is by invitation only and usually on short notice because of weather and such. GORH is dead and gone, never to return. at least not by the efforts of anyone involved in running it in the past.


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