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My gut's been telling me to get the arrow down on my hand.  I can't afford another bow right now, and this isn't helping matters...  :)

That must have been pretty exciting Charlie. Did you get any pictures taken with Fred?

Charlie Lamb:
Ya mean like this....


herb haines:
Charlie and Fred are my heros . Charlie you are a lucky man --------- ----- herb

Charlie Lamb:
He said he shot off his hand for a couple of reasons
1. since he'd started shooting in the self bow days he didn't want to change that part of his shooting.

2. Fred had been bothered by target panic in his younger days. He drew the arrow until the broadhead touched his knuckle assuring full draw.
Built in draw check!

3. He felt the bow pointed better.

He built out the arrow plate to accomodate the arrow spine he preferred. In other words he tuned the bow to the arrow, not the arrow to the bow.
Obviously he preferred an arrow that was somewhat underspined for the weight bow he was shooting.

A pretty common practice in those days.

And yes, he would build me a bow with a shelf like that. I still have the bow and the letter from Fred that goes with it.... and it ain't goin nowhere!  :D


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