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trout Creek mountains

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Swamp Moose:
Has anyone hunted the Trout Creek Mountain hunt? What did you think?

Bart S:
I haven't hunted there but am toying about heading over being that all my hunting areas are closed down due to fire danger over here on the south coast

The Trout Creeks are a draw hunt so unless you applied you are out of luck. The hunting over there this year has been extremely difficult. My son and I hunted hard for 6 days and only saw a total of 7 bucks. Two groups of three and one single. Probaly less than 30 does in total also. We were extremely fortunate to have harvested two of the 7 bucks we encountered.

Swamp Moose:
Wow. Were any of the 7 good sized?

I think we killed the two largest, green scored a 156 and 170, net scores.


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