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Pope Young Shoot, Brownsville, OR July 26 & 27


The Pope Young shoot is coming up this weekend in Brownsville Oregon.  Clout, Wand, and 50 target 3D shoot.  Hosted this year by the Stott Mountain Traditional Archers.

The 3D shoot is Saturday this year.  Here is a link to the flyer.  Hope you can attend with such short notice-I have been much too busy and too many life events recently......


   Pope Young Shoot flyer, Traditional Archers of Oregon.

I am considering going, but have questions. What is a clout. & wand shoot? And why are bh's required? Can I shoot carbons? Thanks, Scott.

Brad Robins:
I have never shot Clout and wand officially.....but, the short answer is the clout is a long distance shot into a marked off circle.  Like when you see arrows coming down on attackers in Medieval times.

Wand is when you shoot at a standing target at 100 yards or so. I got lucky on my very first shot!

Broadheads are required as to ensure one is hunt ready with their bows!

It's fun!

Arrows can be carbon.

Have fun!


Thanks Brad. Sounds interesting.


Another good year! The weather was perfect. Always is a good shoot with broadheads to get you steered toward hunting season.


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