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Oregon tag draws posted


Ted Fry:
Thats right , posted today on the ODFW page.

Tree Killer:
So what did you draw Ted?  Nuthin for me. 42 straight years applying for an Oregon bighorn sheep tag!

Ted Fry:
I drew one of the 10 November White River deer tag Ron , been watching a beauty for three years now , only see him in November, come on November 15th!
Bunch of points on everything else , 26th year for me on sheep, I dont feel so bad now to see you at 42, at that point they should just give you one.

Tree Killer:
You dawg Ted! You showed me the pics of that big buck the last time I was over. They moved the hunt back to the 15th...last couple years it opened on the 10th and 9th...first couple years it opened on the 20th.  

Yeah, I've been volunteering with ODFW, hoping to earn some brownie points and keep hinting about the sheep tags...hasn't helped yet!  

You going to let the air out of that buck with a selfbow and obsidian point?

Ted Fry:
Not sure what I am going to use , just hope he didnt get eaten by a lion this winter.


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