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North American Longbow Safari Registration Deadline soon!

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The registration deadline is coming up fast!  I had forgotten about it until reminded just the other day.  This is from the website.

Preregistration is required and must be postmarked by May 23, 2014 to attend.

   Longbow Safari Registration Flyer


Brad Robins:
I was up there yesterday setting up the course. Should be fun, but will not make it.

Good to see some familiar faces!   :wavey:  

Shoot straight y'all!    :archer2:  


Brad Robins:


It was a fun time. Good course and good people. Got to spend some time with new and old friends. I helped set up the "blue" course Brad. Looks like you were on the "red"..? Weather was a bit warm. It was fun trying out a new set of Surewood Shaft arrows I built for myself.
There was a young man who had shot my Liberty Classic LB on the practice range. He liked it so much he bought one from Allen the day before shooting the "Bow Birds".  Darned if he didn't hit 5 for 5 with that new bow! Good shooting!  Lots of hard work went into setting up with shoot.

It was a shoot to remember. Snag, it was fun hanging out with you on Friday setting up the "blue corse".
My buddy Robert was the guy who bought the Liberty Classic LB and then won the bow birds with it. He is a hell of a shooter.
I won the exact same bow in the raffle. I hope to give it justice at the P&Y.


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