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2014 TAO Golf shoot and Conservation project - My recap


If you were unable to attend you missed a GREAT weekend.

Owen and I arrived Friday afternoon. The sun was out, the deer were out. It was a much needed break. We set up camp and had a nice dinner. The view from camp was spectacular.

We even did a little target shooting.

Saturday morning after a good breakfast we met up with the ODFW staff that guided us on the work project. This year we helped poor a concrete clean out on McKorkle Ditch, clean out the first part of the ditch, and install a pipe to insure water flow for years to come. We had a small crew but the work was done about 2pm. ODFW provided a really good hamburger lunch. The crew from Stott Mt. left early after helping with all the heavy lifting to set up the course.
Owen did his part. He anchored the pipe so we could connect it.
Making a 90* turn in the pipe.
The Crew.

Saturday afternoon groups headed out for 9 holes of golf. It was great. Although my new wood arrows had a nack for finding rocks.
Sunday morning warmed up quickly. Owen made through the first 3 holes and then had enough. My GPS should he had walked 12 miles so far on the trip. So into the kid carrier he went and my training for the upcoming hunting season kicked off.
The sun made it hard to see your shot. A welcomed problem.

Looks like you had fun.  Kinda wish I would have been able to make it.


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