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Bear season/turkey season

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Tree Killer:
What's everybody's plans for hunting this spring?

I have a spring bear tag for the South Blue's, but probably won't get after bear until May.  Hope to hunt turkeys when it opens, saw 5 longbeards last week while hunting shed antlers.

Hope you guys have been getting out of the house and knocking off the dust and rust!  


Bart S:
I'm going to hunt spring bear here in SW OR as well as try for my first turkey.

Chasing turkey's around home in April and May. Then up to Quebec for bear quest with TP in June.

N. Cascade hunt.. Bow in hand. .06 will be on my back, secured in the scabbard, bullets stuffed way down in the bottom of the pack.    :dunno:

Good luck guys! Never have tried to turkey hunt, no desire, until I picked up Trad. Scott.


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