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Moving to Nebraska


Hey all, I am moving to Nebraska in a couple of weeks from Montana and looking forward to doing some hunting (hopefully yet this year). I am moving to Ogallala area. Any advice for the old guy trad bowhunter who has spent most of his life in the trees of Michigan? Love to start up a conversation with a few of you and get to know some of you all. Looking forward to the rendezvous next summer too. It's always great to meet more traditional shooters!


Just saw your post here - not a real active forum.  Welcome to Nebraska.  You should have some good hunting in the Ogallala area  Both whitetails and mule deer.  You will be surprised by the amount of area covered by trees.  The Platte and all the smaller tributaries will be wooded.  Must of the canyon area is also a mixture of open and wooded.  Good luck to you.

The NTA is a fairly active group with most of the activities occurring in the Fremont area.  There will be a annual banquet meeting next February.

Thanks Mitch. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Made it to Ogallala and now getting a feel for the area. Certainly is pretty!

Welcome to NE Michigander. You are very fortunate to have moved too what I consider the best area in the state. Huge expanses of public land and the fishing is incredible also. I hope to retire out that way someday.Good luck to you, hope you enjoy yourself out there.



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