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any one chasing turkeys

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dan ferguson:
I tell you, I am having a good time, I,m beginning to understand frustration, I have been on the water guiding for the last 21 years and not been able to spring hunt, do to the drought I,m no longer guiding full time so able to go chase turkeys, trying all the methods, Last night tried decoy and call no blind had one fly across the canyon and was 10yrds from me so fast I wasn,t ready pulled the bow back and shot through the tail feathers. what a blast. anyone else having a good time?

I still hope to get out for a weekend but family duties have not allowed me to get out just yet.  Let us know how you do Dan.

what area you hunting?  my brother lives in bellevue and hes going soon I believe  pm me if you need a p[artner  my brother loves hunting  (he is not a member here so I will talk to him if you want someone to hunt with

dan ferguson:
Rob I shot my turkey a couple weeks ago, Keep in touch, I would enjoy hunting with someone, mostly hunt alone mostly shoot alone I don,t know of any trad guys that are active anywhere close to me. I hunt mostly in the south central and central part of Nebraska.

yeah pm me anytime and I will give him a call and he would love to hunt with someone   have a great day

rob jones


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