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dan ferguson:
Is there any arrow makers in Nebraska?

don blankenau:
I make them for myself.  Need any advice?

dan ferguson:
Thanks Don for the message back, I have bought wood arrows from arrowmakers and thought if someone in Nebraska did that I would try someone local, Don I live at Johnson Lake and shot traditional bows all my life but really living out here there is no one with the same intrest who is active, I have made some arrows, but the problem I,m having is getting the right wood for my bow, I,m shooting a long bow 72# @28" draw cutting the arrows to 29", the bow also has fastflight string, I have talked to Dave Miller, Foxfire archery, They are looking,
also tried 3 rivers but was not happy with the shafts, I think I need something spined from 82#to87# Any help finding shafts would be great. Ps All I do is hunt and practice at home, There is no archery clubs close to here. Alum arrows shoot great but would like to find wood that shoots as good

don blankenau:
I love shooting wood arrows Dan.  When I first started shooting wood it was in the early 80's when I was in college.  There used to be an indoor range right on "O" street here in Lincoln and the compound boys sure made fun of me for those arrows and my recurve ~ but it was worth it!

As for good shafts, I've had luck with Allegheny Mountain Arrow Woods.  They sell a wide range of woods and seem pretty knowledgable.  You can get to their website  If they don't work out for you, let me know.  

I have to say I am surprised your spine is so much higher than your draw weight.  When I've gone that high, my arrows always flew to the right (I am right-handed).  Do you shoot a self-bow or one with glass?

dan ferguson:
Don I shoot a Gary Sentman razorback glass bow, I have some test arrows and to me the 80# seems to shoot the best the 87# shoots straight but falls out of bed after 25yds or so. I,m going on recomendations from arrowmakers they have told me that with a fastflight string I should increase my spine 10 to 15 lbs. The bow is 1/8 from center. This longbow stuff is all new to me, I have shot recurves since the 60,s Old bear super kodiak, which I sold to get this longbow and still have my old herters takedown. Good to talk to someone instate, Fergi


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