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Alaska lingonberry/lowbush cranberry bread #3 - 3

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There will be 3 separate listings, the winner of each listing gets 2 loaves, as that's what my recipe makes.

Lingonberries are considered a superfruit, due to all the good stuff they have.  They are not nearly as tart as domestic cranberries.

My son and I picked these last fall.  Doesn't get more organic than that.

The bread is pretty good, and tastes better after its been in the freezer for awhile, and then thawed.  Great with coffee.

I'll ship these frozen, FedEx, on me.

Here's a pic of a 4 cup bag of berries that goes into each 2 bread batch.  I'll add a pic of the bread after I've made it.

$35  Sounds tasty


Thanks for the bids guys.

They're all baked and in the freezer now.

$50 ...  :wavey: :goldtooth:


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