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My first pig with a traditional bow

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Nice job bud.  Thats good looking hog...

Thanks, everyone.

--- Quote from: beemann on May 05, 2021, 05:22:59 PM ---Nice job bud.  Thats good looking hog...

--- End quote ---
Hey, mate. This was also my first kill with my PCH riser and the original 65# limbs that my friend gave me. Haven't shot your 54# limbs for a little while now.

Save the 54 lb. limbs for when you get old.  It happens to all of us :biglaugh:.  Good luck to ya...

I was thinking that, and I was also thinking that I'd sell them and use the funds to go towards a new bow in the same sort of weight range. At the moment I've got a 35# Bodnik Quick Stick, 45# Bodnik Hunter, 54#/65# Widow PCH and a 65# D style longbow. Wouldn't mind getting something in the 50# range like a Javaman Elkheart or Toelke.

Either way, I'm hoping to get stuck into a lot more pigs in our cooler months. :archer:

Sounds like ya got it figured,out keep having fun :thumbsup:


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