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Well taxidermist is done and everything has been sent to the shipping agent.  I just paid that bill, so all my animals should be heading to the USA sometime next week.  I am excited to get them.  However, it will still be some time on the Kudu and Gemsbuck, as I am taking them to a taxidermist in Wyo. for the shoulder mounts.  Everything else is Europian mounts and rugs.

This is awesome. Gene is one of the best bowhunters in know. Dang sure one of the best shots I have ever had the pleasure of shooting with. Happy for you my friend.

Thanks Randy - sometimes a guy just gets lucky with shots and hunting.  Had a great time in Namibia.  Have a couple friends that are going with the same outfitter this summer (African winter).  Hope they do just as good.  Just got my hides and horns back.  Also took the capes of the Kudu and Gemsbuck to Cheyenne for shoulder mounts.  This might be the last of the mounts.  Think the wife is going to put a stop to it.  The basement is full!!!

mj seratt:
I'm so glad you had such a good hunt.  I've read all your stories, and it makes me happy to hear of fellow hunters success. to the.videos was a really good move.


Adding traditional African music sure adds to the video / photo program.  I couldn't understand what the words were on some of the songs, so I sent a copy to my outfitter.  He and his wife both speak African as a first language and I wanted him to tell me what the song was about.  Even he didn't know, as it was bushman language.  He said that he would check with them and let me know.  A lot of drums in the songs as well. 

Thanks for the compliment on the stories.  I have had several published in TradArchersWorld of various hunts, including many trips hunting javelina in Texas to some caribou, grizzly and moose hunts in British Columbia.  Think I also sent in a story of my mountain lion hunts.  I always keep journals of my hunts so I can get the stories straight.  It is fun to re-read the journals after a few years.  There are always items that I had forgotten about.


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