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Two Bunnies!

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Great way to kick off the new year!  A bunny hunt with a few tg'ers and friends. Cade also killed his very 1st ever!

Shawn and I doubled up again...

What a hunt!

I was shooting my 58", #55 Randy Morin Banshee, Beman carbons, and 250gr. VPA Small Game Thumpers.

Congrats to all you guys on the bunnies!


Don Batten:
Good stuff guys. What is Cade's set up?

That is a BIG mess of rabbits.  I bet that was a whole lot of fun!

Well Done Curt.

You guys had a great day weather wise.  Glad you had an ever better day action wise!

Thanks for sharing, its the next best thing to being there!

   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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