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The Adventure of Hope and Faith Stalker

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And I had fish #6...

I had Miss Faith rigged with an AMS adapter and Retriever reel...

The Fish and Miss Faith...

A great way to "cap off" my time with Miss Faith...

I promise that I treated Miss Faith with more "TLC" than I've ever showed any bowfishing bow in the past...although a little muddy, she's none the worse for wear.

She's cleaned up now and will be headed to Minnesota soon...I'll miss her      :campfire:

Good run with  Faith Brother.The Staker bows kinda grow on ya don`t they. I hated to send Hope off after I had her.Sweet bows and a heck of a good donation for the kids.RC

You bet buddy wasn't long before I was pretty attached to her!

You fellas have that right ... sweet shoot'n bows !

Terry Green:
I knew about Curts kills...since he called me...but missed Ken's..


That is just too cool.


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