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The Adventure of Hope and Faith Stalker

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String Cutter:
Can I please have Faith for Va. April Spring Gobbler Season.?

Terry Green:
Got the message String bet....just email me your address....

Got "Hope" delivered at the House while I was at work on Monday. Ran a few arrows through her on Tuesday and found some things out.This Young Lady will shoot. I have been shooting Hill Style bows for a while now and I was shooting a bit right . Rather than re-adjusting arrows and stuff I peeled the side plate back a little and added a small stick. Made the weaker arrows shoot straight and right where I was looking.
  I was gonna keep my grandson today but it worked out for me to get him tomorrow so I grabbed "Hope" and my gear and headed to the swamp. I have several WMA`s close to home but decided to go to a Honey Hole for not only some pig hunting but also so Deer scouting. Deer season comes in on the 10th here.
  Got some pics to upload as soon as I quit wrestling with photo bucket but lets just say a 47@27 longbow with a no mercy head will kill a good size pig.....RC

Well I eased into the swamp and started checking some persimmons Through out the bottoms. I do really good on years with lots of persimmons during the first few weeks of bow season . I went by this big one and had to let "Hope" pose for a snapshot. Notice the pig sign here around the tree and it don`t even have persimmons this year....


   I headed towards the River...about a mile and half away and was in fairly good pig sign but it is awful dry here and it was hard to really tell what was smoking hot and what wasn`t.After making it to the River with no pork encounters I stopped to rest and drink some water. Had to get a pic of Hope by the River as well...I did see 6 deer on the walk.


  I then headed east towards a honey hole that I have shown to very few folks.A very beautiful place to me and always a bit "gamey". I bet my good Friend Dave from Wis. will remember this spot . Its close to where he killed his St. Judes pig back in the Spring...


 I was easing through a dry slew when I heard a limb break....I stopped and was looking directional hearing is poor and it takes me a bit to pin down where I hear something when I saw a sow go by about 60 yards out followed by some pigs. Gotta get a closer look so I ease forwad. They go in some Rivercane and I hear an awful bunch of racket and pigs are hollering and teeth are clicking and I realize there is a ripe sow in there and more than one boar in Love...Everytime the fighting gets loud I ease forward. Its very dry and impossible to move very quietly. I get as close as I dare and can see movement in the cane thicket when a Blue Boar steps out and starts walking across in front of me. As he turns slightly away to go back in maybe a bit past 20 yards away I come to full draw and shoot in less than a second. I see the arrow hit maybe 2"s from where I was looking. He turns and runs hard back the way he came . I give it about 20 minutes and ease forward for a look....


Lots of blood and its looking good so I take up the trail. Much to hot to wait much longer so I ease ahead.
  If you have ever hunted pigs and been near a group of boars after a sow it is very exciting. They don`t play with each other and you will hear some awful screams and growls..enough to make a seasoned swamper get the shakes and I had`em.Funny thing when I shot the pig there were other pigs and I focused on the one I shot and where he was headed and totally lost track of the others and don`t have a clue where they went....On with the trailing..


A little farther..


After about 75-80 yards from the shot...


 Not bad penetration for a 47-48@27" longbow. I was shooting a Zwickey No-Mercy single bevel head and a farly lite wt arrow for me at about 525 grains. I cut a chunk of the sheild out for you to have a look at...


Up near the shoulder is thicker. This was a rank boar that was scarred from head to toe.Both cutters were broken off.I was proud to get him With a Bow this special and can honestly say this is one of my favorite hunts ever.I have been busy and have not hunted much at all and this was the first hunt in a long time for me and the first critter I`ve shot at since killing a Turkey in the Spring.Very sweet evening I won`t soon forget.

  I gotta thank Stalker bows for the donation of a piece of art that is not only purty but deadly but most of all I gotta thank God for a group of folks that care and want to help Kids they will probably never meet.God bless you fellers and come on Deer season...Hope is hungry for venison I think..RC


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