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Rob DiStefano - With an MP3 Twist

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Terry Green:
We are adding a new dimension to Trad Gang, and this is a test run of many interviews to come.....

Click below, check the volume, give time to download, and sit back, and enjoy!!!

 Rob DiStefano MP3 Interview


hill boy:
very intresting.I like the idea and the interview.  :thumbsup:

Good stuff ... for those of us who can do MP3, which is likely most of us. Such a world of extremes we have today, eh? Keep these coming, and add a slide show with the voice when possible. Dave

Great job! Very intresting!  :thumbsup:    :clapper:

ken denton:
Interesting interview. You should have grilled him more, and you didn't ask him how he shoots with that cap on. My string hits the brim every time. Will look forward to more interviews and if that was a phone conversation, the sound was great. Thanks, Ken. Tradgang justs gets better and better. How about interviewing KILLDEER even if she is a little bashful.


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