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From reading all the posts. My experience has been. I never had target panic until I started to shoot competitively. TP is fear of failure, anxiety, and the breakdown of form (shot sequennce) as a result of the mind (conscienceness) trying greatly to over correct what the sub-consciencious mind (in the zone) would normally be doing anyway IF the shooter was relaxed and confident. I have learned that right before I shoot, I picture myself on a ridge on notellum mountain that is pretty good spot for deer and black bear, lots of patches of pine, with stands of beech and oak below - very relaxing, this really takes me  away (mentally) from the competiion line, then right before I step up to the shooting line or stake I visualize my shot. From there pick the spot and go with the flow.

OOPS.. Sorry! I didn't know there was a healthy debate going on!  

Geez Loueez I thought this thread was dead three pages ago.

Aaron Proffitt:
Now Brett,

  I never said you were a form facist...but since you did, now I know what flag your flying.

  Since we all agree that TP is indeed real ,I think we have also (thru debate) come up with the cause as well.

  It's the form facist !!!!
 It's people get a guy thinking to much and the next thing you know.....BAM !!! Target Panic.
  He gets to thinking about bow arm ,drawing arm/elbow height, anchor point, feet position, barometric pressure,wind speed, air temperture(both at the point of the shot and down range), limb temp.(do they heat up due to friction like a rifle barrel?), change in spine from shot-to-shot of wood arras,points coming loose, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  :scared:  

  See ? Then you have all these messages causing mental gridlock, the "server" goes down, and ...PRESTO ! No shot cause no message can get thru that mess.

 It's quite simple,really. Know what else is simple ? Shooting a tradtional bow accurately. Wanna beat TP ? Then become so aware of your equipment that it moves fluidly in the hand, becomes an extension of you. There are no shortcuts. It takes shooting and alot of it. Become so in-tune with your gear that you know where that arra is gonna fall before you even draw. That's why I love longbows, and you can't find that in  any "How -to" techy manual on shooting trad gear. You have to do it. Learn it and you will all but eliminate TP. So 'tween my ideas and Rob's cure, there is no reason that TP shouldn't go the way of the Wooly Mammoth.  :thumbsup:

Aaron Proffitt:
PS Gonna be out of pocket for about 3 weeks due to a short military obligation. Too bad,to. Gonna miss this discussion. Leave Sunday.


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