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What we don't know

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It deffinatly is something between my ears.May be a little more air there then brain matter(lol).
 No offence taken-Ray.

aw Ray, yer one of the more intellegent fella's I know, 'corse I've never been accused of hangin with rocket scientist.....

I've never had it but I can see the point about reading about it though, I used to read threads about different aiming styles, and then my shooting would go to pieces for a couple of days or longer, lol, to much thinking I guess, now I avoid those threads like the plague and I still couldn't tell you the mechanics of how I shoot/aim.


Larry when I get my lobotomy your in trouble(lol).

Van "hit it in the bull".  

Ted A. Young:
I'm getting PP.  People panic!  Yous guys are way to serious!    :knothead:    :bigsmyl:    :help:    


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