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--- Quote ---  There was no such thing as Target Panic 30 years ago .  
--- End quote ---
Wrong.  There were many technical articles on the subject long before 30 years ago.  It was called "It".  Compounders re-named it "Target Panic"....Van

i'm with curtis on this. i dont have TP but i do have bad days shooting. i have always heard the term buck fever but i dont know what that is either. sure i've missed some seemingly easy shots but i have made some that also so very hard. some people wold say that missing a doe at 10 yards was TP or BF i say poor consentration others would say bagging a squirel with a head shot at 15 yards was a hard shot but i feel it goes back to aim small miss small. seems like TP has more to do mentally with the score in the archers head (gotta hit that X ring for a top score) i shoot 3-d but i dont judge my hunting ability on my 3-d scores cuz i know that the targets arent real and alot of times i will shoot at the 3-d when in real life i wouldnt take the shot. ofcourse this is just my own personal take on the matter


Aaron Proffitt:
Have to go with John and Curtis and others on this one.

Sorry Curt but I did not get IT reading about it.I don,t believe Charlie got it reading about it.I do believe anybody that reads about something and thinks they can get it by reading about it is just a little bit crazy.

Ray, I don't think he meant it literally. Again, Curtis's main point, at least to me, is that TP is mental and as such, is dramatically effected by our mental outlook. If you believe it doesn't exist, and can't hurt you, you can't get it. Elimination of negative thoughts and complete focus on positive does make a difference. I tend to agree with him to a point.

Archery, at least at the stage of shooting I am now, seems to be 90% mental and 50% physical   :bigsmyl:


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