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Rod Jenkins Form Video Version 2....

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:thumbsup:    :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:  Great stuff Rod. Yep that's one of O.L.'s bows.

Great shooting Rod.  You sure make it look easy.


Double Creek....I think you can...right click and save target as to your hard drive....then use the slider st the bottom, to move frame by frame.

Huntschool....yep, the bow is O.L.'s target longbow...the Apogee

I use these shot clips to study and find what I'm may be doing wrong...and I can normally find a bug or two! I'd highly recommend to any who is striving to improve their shooting, to video yourself.

Double Creek:

I video'd myself yesterday.....  Not sure how to get it on the computer though....  I need to do some studying on it....

Thanks Rod!!

Actually I was told by OL that it's not a Hoyt riser,I thought the same thing myself LOL


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