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O.L. Adcock:
Nope, not a "Hoyt" riser. I used a belly brace concept Norb Mulaney used in the 1960's, I don't know who Hoyt copied theirs from.  :) ....O.L.

O.L., I know I'm asking the question that's been asked a thousand times....but when will bows be available? Seems such a shame that there are so many touting your work as the best ever and a regular feller feels like he will never be able to shoot one.....          

O.L. Adcock:
JC, the A&H side is working hard to get "stock" bows available but still can't build them fast enough to meet the demand. 3 piece bows will be available first, then the Apogee, lastly the 1 piece bows. "gearing up" to build 1000 bows a year is not easy nor cheap!  :)  As for me, not taking any custom orders nor do I expect to any time soon......O.L.

Good luck OL....1000 per year is quite the undertaking.

Rod, OL, JC:

Thanks all for the info....  I guess I looked kinda stupid on that one.

OL  What a bow!!!!!


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