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Shooting practicing for animals running

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Jim Spencer:
I went to a guys house once and he had a bag target hooked up on pulleys,on a cable running down hill.He had a bank behind it for safety.There was a latch to hold the target and the latch had a string hooked to it so that you could get in position to shoot and pull the string releasing the target.The bag would actually bounce just a little as it traveled,I had more fun shooting at that thing....Jim.

You can kick an old basketball around and use rubber blunts.....Van

I am blessed with a 3-d target on downhill cable. If I didnt have that I would use the rolling tire.

Pete W:
GOPHERS are almost out for the spring.!!!!!!!!

These photos are courtesy of ApplePie. They were taken at the Baltimore Bowmen Trad Classic last year.

This first one shows the javalina target and how it is suspended from the cable.


Next is a view of the queue of carabiners that carry the pull rope. This arrangement minimizes the pull rope's drag on the target as it moves down the cable, and keeps tangles out of the system.


The target is here shown proceeding majestically downrange.


And finally a shot of the Royal Reception. A merry time was had by all! (BTW, at this point, mere yards away, Byron Ferguson was busy NOT missing  his  moving targets!  )


Thanks, Bart, for letting me use these pics, as well as the one of Byron Ferguson in another post. It was nice of you to leave them stashed in the storage unit! :notworthy:  

Killdeer  :)


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