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Shooting practicing for animals running

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Hi Killdeer!

Am I allowed to copy?
Our forest ground is big enough to make one. My neighbours know already that I am crazy...

Unfortunately we are not allowed to shoot javelinas or russian boars.

We make a roe deer then...

Happy hunting,

Torsten, how kind of you to ask! The target is the property of Baltimore Bowmen, and likely there are no patent rights to infringe. I doubt that they would send reps worldwide to check on it, anyway!   :wavey:

When I was a kid we had a set up in the backyard that worked pretty well.  We had a hill as a backstop behind the shooting zone.  We tied a length of clothes line between two trees and then used one of those old styrofoam surfboards with the silhouette of a deer's vitals outlined on it hanging by some light pulleys.  One of us would then reel the target along with an old fishing pole from a safe distance.  This way we could very the speed depending on how fast you could reel it in.

hawkeye n pa:
I have a made several running deer targets something like Killdeers photo.  I used a old piece of guy wire cable attached between two trees at a down hill angle and tightened with either turnbuckes or a heavy rachet strap.  A wire cable will subsitute the guy wire.  Welded up a little bracket with pulleys to support a cutout homasote deer target.  ( Two layers of homasote with truck innertube sandwiched between. Needed the homasote for weight  and will last for years.)  The hardest part was getting it stopped. Use a piece of 3/16 nylon rope tied back to starting point.  This also serves as "pull rope"  Keep the wire or cable well oiled to prevent rust.  jeff

Built the same type of target system as Killdeer shows in her photos using the old clothes line pullies on doubled up 3/8'' nylon rope (100ft).Used a feed bag stuffed w/ plastic.Tied the rope 2 trees at a downward angle then tied another 100ft 1/4'' rope to the target.Took 3 I screws set them into trees about 5 ft up and threaded the 1/4'' rope from the target to my shooting area about 20yrds from the path of the target.This way I could pull the target along the pully system,stand on the rope to hold the target to nock my arrow.Lift my foot and get ready to shoot.


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