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Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event

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try this ---a shop-vac, set the hose on exaust---then anchor it [the hose] sraight up  then turn it on and put a ping-pong   ball in the air stream    it will appear to levitate and bob and weave-----shoot at it from 8 or 10 yrds---mabey  a buck a shot   split the pot w/the club

Hang a few clay birds on strings at various yardages.  6 shots for a buck or two.  Winner gets 1/2.

A money shoot always gets money.  Put a few bills inside balloons, along with a bunch of emties, scattered around a shooting lane.  A few $1, a few less $5, and two $10 and one $20.  Charge them a $1 an arrow.

Anything moving:  Rolled claybirds, tennis balls, mini-basketballs(for longer ranges).

We do a log shoot, it's for fun not money but you could charge a buck to try if you wanted to.

Anyway, you shoot through a long pipe/log and try to hit what is on the other side. Many arrows will bounce off of the inside of the log. After a few tries at this you really get to know how your bow shoots.

You could do something similar and less hazardous to arrows with two rings set up between the archer and the target. They have to get it through both rings and into the target to count.

It's also something that the wheelie guys will want to take a try at if you are trying to get them to come.

String Tracker:
one of the things that my SCA group likes to do are "slat" shoots.  use wood lath slats and either shoot to break them or shoot inbetween them at a target behind the slats.  one set up had the slats hanging from one end by string so the slats sway once hit. making it harder to hit the target behind


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