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Shooting Form Exercises

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Douglas DuRant:
Ditto about practicing shot sequence, and the resulting muscle memory. It's real good for us.

Randy Morin:
Thanks Everyone for the Warm Geetings.  I'm starting to feel at home already.  This is quite the "gang" here.  I've been reading some of the posts and think I've  stumbled into something pretty special here.  I wish I was set up to post some pics of my shooting form for feedback.  That thread rocks!  But I wish I read it a few years ago before all the bad habits (not too many I hope).  

The bows I've built are 3 piece r/d longbows/hybrids.  They are both 64 inch in the mid #50's.  The last one was Bubinga handle with 2 thin crescent accent stripes,  red elm limbs under clear glass with multi layered lim tip overlay's. It shoots real good and got me some deer meat this fall. I built a recurve too but I broke a limb during construction,  (you cant pick up a recurve by the tip like you can a longbow) that one hurt but I had been sanding on the limbs for so long trying to get them strait I was almost relieved when it happened. little as possible in this cold.  The good thing is it slows down the rapid development for a few days.  A few people may even move away after this. Cross fingers.

Chortdraw...there sure are alot of bowyers up-this way.  I'm hoping to meat Dick Robertson at the Montana Trad. Bowhunters dinner next month.  He will be the main speaker.


joe skip......Rocky still is doing some fishing guide work for a guy I know in the summers up here.  I think he is a snow bird though.  Dont know where he goes but I will ask my outfitter friend for some info and get back to you.

Woodsmoke......hey bud!  what a coincidence meeting you here.  NOT!!!

Randy Morin:
Sorry about the above post.  I dont know how it got onto this thread...I hadn't even opened it.  It was supposed to go to the "Greetings from a Newbie" thread.  (that may have something to do with it).


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