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Well we've got a great thread with good discussion going with the form pics.  

When practicing form I do move up close the target bale and shoot without a target.  Try blank bale shooting from just a few yards maybe 4-5yds.  Take aim at the bale and close your eyes and feel the shot.  Blank bale shooting removes the stress of having to hit the target so you can totally concentrate on your form.

Now "Shoot the Line"    :)      I have two permanent lines on my target bale, one horizontal and one vertical.  As I practice my form I shoot along the lines up and down or across horizontally to work on bow arm control.  Byron Ferguson I believe discusses this exercise in his book "Become the Arrow".  Once I start feeling pretty "spiffy" about shooting a line at a certain range then I move out to see just well I'm really doing.    :(      This exercise teaches you bow arm control on both axis.  I don't try to hit any specific spot along the lines, just stitch arrows as close as I can to  the line that I'm shooting. As I shoot the line I practice my shot sequence on each shot.  

What is shot sequence?  Its how you present yourself to the target.  Your stance, is it aligned properly, is my anchor correct.  Am I at full draw, is my balance correct, and so forth.  As your new form develops you can drop items in the shot sequence as they become second nature to your shooting.

Give it a try it works! Organized practice of a sort.

REMEMBER!  Its better to shoot 10 good arrows than  100 poorly shot arrows!!!!  It just reinforces bad habits.  What your looking for is quality not quantity in good practice  :)

Charlie Lamb:
Steve... great advice! I often shoot very long range at anything from telephone poles to fence posts. Anything vertical for practicing "the line". Distance really exagerates errors. Keeps me humble too!  :D

Another great topic for the off season!  :thumbsup:   I do alot of up close shooting as well working on form and muscle memorie. Have not tryed the line thing, but it sounds good!! Other than shooting I lift weights 3-4 nights a week as well. It really helps with shooting!! I also like to shoot at a candle at night, this will realy make ya focus and feel the shot becouse ya can't realy see your hand. Its amazing how close ya come if ya don't hit. This site should be some good reading as well..  :thumbsup:  .....Raven

I did the candle at night last year witha bunch of buds and my kids.  We shot for about 6 hrs and had a blast til about 1 in the am on a Saturday night.  Really makes you concentrate and not rush your shot!  Ku  :thumbsup:  dos!

Good thread! Ya the candle shooting is a hoot.

Remember when I was a kid we were always shooting different distances. Lots of long distance and lots of lost arrows.  :)  Gotta get back to that.



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