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Push-Pull another shooting question

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Trying out all this great advise thats been available here lately  :help:

Charlie Lamb:
Yohon... I personally think you've discovered something very important for accurate shooting. If the last thing you do in the shot process is "push" the bow, then your accuracy or at least your consistency should improve. I do basically the same thing.

Yohan, I agree with Charlie.That last little push toward your aiming point will make for more consistant shooting.It is something that I find myself working on quite a bit.
     Take Care,  Curt }------------>

joe skipp:
I agree with Charlie and Curt...I slow draw on deer using the push/pull method and that last "few inches" where you feel it in your back makes for a solid bow arm and I find increased my accuracy tremendously.

Ray Hammond:
I know this is going to sound silly..but do you guys ever make just an unbelievably awesome shot - then you cannot even recall drawing, and releasing the arrow? You didn't think about just happened?

I guess that's why we practice so make what we talk about AUTOMATIC...i just find it interesting that some of my best shots...just unbelievable shots...come when I cannot even remember drawing the bow at all.


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