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Is his style effective ?Just got hold of all of his works,a video and three books.This style looks rother wild,what do you think ?


What's "wild" about Fred G. Asbell's style?

I shoot almost exactly the same way (I tend to hold my anchor for a few seconds, before releasing) and I don't see anything radical about the style. Archery is a personal sport, people are different and the combination of the two makes it very enjoyable.  ;)

I shot with a guy on a 3-D course that just before he would release, he's drop his bow arm rather quickly (about 4 to 5 inches) and then restore it to it's orginal location and release the string. I didn't understand that method/ style, but it worked for him, because he was deadly accurate. This style of shooting is against all of the "rules" for proper form, but like I said, "it worked for him".  :D

Good hunting, Bowhunter57

Ben Woodring:
I'm not up to speed on the textbook styles...could you explain...I'd be happy to compare it to my style and those I shoot with.

Roger Norris:
Read it again. Nothing wild about it. He will tell you himself that you don't need to release as quick as he does, if it doesn't feel right.

Nothing wild that I see. I have both of his books and the video. If books could make you a good shoot I would be one of the best  :D  . Fred, is right on with the basics of good form. Take what works for you.


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