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100% Instinctive versus Gap versus What-ever

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Returned to Traditional Archery Dec.'94. I must say sometimes it has been frustrating - the shooting part that is!
 Read everything I could get my hands on concerning technique. Bought "Fred's book and video - re-read (and re-watched) them several times. Watched Byron Ferguson - "Become the Arrow", John Shultz's and Gary Sentmen's video -tried them all.
 Early on I shot purely instinctive. I never turned in my scores at 3D shoots-too embarrassed! I decided to do it my way like I used to shoot traditional before I read anything (circa 1963). Started using the arrow as a front sight- things got better, collected a few trophies at club shoots. Shot that way until 2001. I guess peer pressure of "purely instinctive" caused me to give the instinctive method another try - better for hunting situations etc.
 I've had good days but too inconsistent to suit me. Stayed with it until after a Labor Day 2003 than said "nuts" and I'm aiming again! Now I have more confidence while hunting. So I'm going to stick with aiming even though instinctive has many advantages over gap or aiming and is considered to be more "traditional".
 Have any of you all out there had similar experiences? What do you think of aim versus pure instinctive shooting technique?

Terry Green:
I think each person has to decide what works best for them.  We are all different in make up.  Some are better at some things, and some at other things.

Shoot the way you like...and don't worry about 'more traditional'.

Arthur P:
Only time I aim is when I want to actually hit what I'm shooting at.  ;)

Charlie Lamb:
Like Terry said, whatever works!! There are many ways to achieve satisfactory accuracy in this sport, but as long as you're holdin the weight and lettin go with your fingers it's all good.

I have a friend who shoots a bow I made for him. He wouldn't put a sight on it cause of me. After he missed and wounded a couple of animals I told him to put a damn sight on the bow and don't worry about it. He did and things changed. Now we're both happier.

Danged if I care how anyone else chooses to shoot a bow.

Ditto ....experiment ...personally I do a combination of both ...anything over 20yds Im prob aimming...Mark#78


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