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Switchin' from Recurve to Longbow...suggestions..

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I can't help myself. I've been overcome by the simplistic lines of a strung longbow. I'm getting ready to make the transition from recurve to Longbow but havn't shot one in so long I'm curious if anyone who has recently made the transition (or shoots both ways) has any suggestions? I've shot mostly heavy riser recurves in the 50-60# range.  I appreciate any input.


Doc Nock:
I'm right behind ya, Brother... watchin what advice you get.

I love my recurve adn shoot pretty ok... but I am going nuts with string noise on a recurve so I am having OL build me a lighter weight longbow in his ACS design as a gift to my arthritic shoulders.

I cheated. He said he can make me a recurve style grip and add some mass to the riser in the process so I'm "hoping' the transition is easier than not.

guys used to say you have to "grab" a longbow riser where you lightly hold a recurve... now I run into several very good selfbow/longbow shooters who claim they do the light grip on long/self bows too!  Arrgggg!   :)  :)

Guys - I am by no stretch of the imagination an authority on longbows but; Just one week ago I received my first, a 62" Chek-mate Crusader. I too have loved the lines of the recurves and the comfy curvy grips but trying to silence them is a challenge.

  Shooting the Crusader has been a lot of fun. It feels different...more alive in the hand. And then there's that wonderful noise it makes...a near silent 'whump'.  Its 56# performance is right up there with the recurve of the same poundage that it replaced and more than enough to keep me interested for a long while.

  I bought the bow without shooting any, or even seeing it. I have no regrets.

...oops, double clutched again.  

I went from recurves to a reverse handle Fox longbow, then transitioned to a Chek-Mate Crusader and I'm now shooting a Black Thunder longbow.  I love the Black Thunder.  It shoots sweet, shoots quiet, shoots where I'm looking and has no shock at all.  The only change I would make to my bow, if I ordered a new one, would be to have carbon added to the limbs for a bit better performance.



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